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We acknowledge the sensitivity of the information you provide to us. We have made sure your information is 100% safe and secure. All forms and payments are protected using our Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate. All your details and uploaded documents are stored with 128-bit encryption.

eClosure has been set up by a group of professionals, who, prompted by personal experiences, aim to provide an easy-to-use online service for grieving families to obtain closure on their loved ones’ online presence. You can learn more about our team members in the About Us section.

Did you know that 30 million accounts on Facebook belong to the deceased? It is very easy to sign up for a social network or set up an email account nowadays, but it turns out to be quite troublesome to close one, as each service has different requirements and complex processes to close or memorialise accounts.

As a result, many deceased persons’ accounts remain active, which makes them susceptible to hackers and identity thieves. The mourning friends and family members continue to receive birthday notifications, updates and other people can post on their accounts, leading to emotional distress.

Making sure your digital estate is handled correctly after your death will save your loved ones time and money after you are gone.

Facebook accounts often become a place for friends and family to remember their lost loved one. We recommend that families memorialize Facebook accounts. This secures the information and stops unwanted constant reminders. We advise that you close all other accounts such as LinkedIn, PayPal and others.

Email accounts often include sensitive information, such as banking and financial information. They can be used to reset passwords for payment and other online services. We advise clients to close all email accounts to ensure protection from identity theft.

Using the eClosure Wishes free service, individuals are able to record what they would like to happen to their online information once they have passed. The service allows individuals to record their wishes and include in important documentation such as their will and life insurance documentation. When filling out the form, customers also identify up to two Trusted Beneficiaries who will be notified that the persons wishes are held with eClosure.

Yes, if you have authority to act on behalf of your client. Please note that eClosure may request an authority letter to confirm that you or your company has the authority to act on behalf of the customer. Please contact our team via email if you have any detailed questions around authority.

We assist families with a comprehensive search, which will assist in finding additional accounts that the families did not know about.