Help the Grieving Process.
Protect Against Identity Theft.

eClosure provides services to help grieving families find and close
online assets of their deceased loved ones.


How does eClosure help grieving families?

eClosure Online

Free Service

Close & Memorialize my deceased loved one’s online accounts

eClosure Online assists families in searching for and closing down social media and email accounts of their deceased loved ones.
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eClosure Wishes

Free Service

Plan ahead for my digital assets with eClosure Wishes

eClosure Wishes lets you decide what happens to your online information and accounts after you pass away. A document is issued to be included in your will.
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eClosure has been featured on Australian national TV channels such as ABC and Channel Seven

What people say about eClosure

eClosure managed to take care of the formalities when all I could do is grieve.
Amy, 46, Lost her son in a car accident
This service is an absolute necessity for grieving people as it is just so difficult having to face up to these tasks at a time when your whole world has fallen apart.
Janelle, 55, Lost her son 5 years ago
With all the changes a family faces when there’s a death, it’s nice to know this service exists to simplify the confusion when shutting down digital accounts.
Gail Rubin, CT, The Doyenne of Death®
It was very hard to find the right information when it came to closing down online accounts. eClosure Online was easy to use and an effective service to locate and close online accounts.
Sarah, 49, used eClosure Online to memorialize Facebook and close email and LinkedIn accounts

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